In 2011 Lady Gaga released her album „Born This Way“. Inspired by the album Domenic Hartmann started his project “K!LL THE B!TCH”. 8 month of hard work later he started to stage his own fashion designs and ideas and interpreted each song by taking photographs.
In cooperation with Bianca Woltsche, his makeup artist, they created their own Lady Gaga inspired makeup application and gave the whole project an one and only look.

Overall the project took a whole year to finish it. For both, Domenic and Bianca, it was the first time to work on a project like “K!LL THE B!TCH” and they worked with all their blood, sweat and tears to end the whole photo project in this photobook.

Domenic Hartmann

Domenic Hartmann (19) is the developer of this project. He is not only a photographer, he also runs a graphic design business. He started the work for the project in 2012 and in November 2012 he recruited Bianca for his team. As Lady Gaga’s greatest fan it is Domenic’s dream that Mother Monster will see what he has done for her and what inspiration she is for all the Little Monsters in the world.

Bianca Woltsche

Bianca Woltsche (24) is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. She graduated at a seminary in Munich, Germany in 2009. With her excellent and special makeup ideas she created face charts for every chapter in this book.